Renaissance Era: Know Joachim du Bellay

Joachim du Bellay is a noble French writer most specifically on poetry. He was one of the most influential poet of Europe during the Renaissance period. Actually, during the 13-16th century, Italy and Greece conquered the role of establishing arts all through out the continent.

However, French people felt inferior in those days so French Renaissance Art did not take its root. However, here came the person aforementioned, influenced the French society of his skilled arts and speech. So although French was not really that famous in the field of arts, they have also continued the works of this man so they have recorded many kinds of arts through the museum that could reveal the positive thoughts of the poet in his writings.

According to the sonnets he wrote, for example,  the sonnet “if all our life”, he proves that there is a hope for tomorrows dream. Billions of people of different thought but each has a quity hidden in it.  In the same way,  French too can do what others can do.  As he died in 1560, no more works were published but his works were like swords that can strike each and every thought. Nothing can be compared with the  works of this man. He dedicated  his works for his country and fellow people. Come to the see his artworks at the museum Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. His artworks are also seen in different museums scattered in France.  These can depict touching Joachim du Bellay’s earnestness to awaken his fellow country men.