The Nobel Prize in literature random facts and famous winners

The Nobel Prize in literature in the highest award that every literary writer would want to receive. because it symbolizes many things so it is one that they also aim to receive. In this world, when we are awarded, we feel contented and also feel that we are appreciated and the work that we do as the reason that we are awarded is great. When we put our effort into something and someone appreciate it is one of the great accomplishment. Let’s see this famous award.

The award is given as chosen and they come from any of the five existing genres that are written and enumerated in the list above. But seeing the number, more awards were taken by those who wrote prose and only two awards in the history genre and prose have 77. The poetry genre is 33 and the drama is 14. The philosophy genre is 3. In terms of gender, men have received a total of 88% while women only received 12%. The youngest awardee is Rudyard Kipling having the age of 42. Visit this best leaking company. You can go to this site 祥發 for more info. This might help you get best service for your home.

One of the interesting facts in relation to the topic is that the number of those who were awarded have mostly come from the country of France. They had a total of 15 number of Nobel laureates in the field or genre of literature. One more fact is that the first one who received the prize that is not white skinned and also not from the United Kingdom is Rabindranath Tagore which came from the country of India.