Topics that French People are Indignant of

You are allowed to talk about anything to any French people but you have to limit yourself against these type of Conversations:

About Money. French dislike talking about money. In their culture,  money us a sensitive matter that they are uncomfortable with. Well, about this it makes sense. They hate when you say you do not have money and they hate even more when you boast of having much money.

God. Religion and  beliefs are certain things that makes them become indignant. Even if you are religious,  you shoukd not be sharing your ideas about your Biblical or religious beliefs.

Politics. Never mind about their politics.  Well,  French politics is working well so no need to ask us. Races, social system and anything,  never.

Couple’s Relationship. Well,  it very natural that we do not get involve in the whereabouts of someone’s relationship. It is very necessary for French t9 keep their private lives since it is vary natural people should not be talking about sensitive conversation about a relationship.  For example,  we can not ask a person directly about their breaking relationship with their signicant other.

View of Lyon city from Fourviere, France

About Popular People in the World.To French,  it is not necessary to ask them about some popular things in the world. Do you know this or do you know about that thing? Of course there are more things to talk about than those ones or rather divert your question into a statement. Try to manage speaking in gentle way.