8 Fun Facts about France that Surprises you

France is the most visited country in Europe admitting millions of visitor yearly. Visitors going there learns the culture and tradition, day-to-day life of French at the same time, people would learn something fun and surprising. Let’s mention some of them:

1. Bread weighs 250 g by law. It is only made up of yeast, flour and salt. It is up to the bakeshop on how they can make this food tasty with only three ingredients.

2. Stilts originated in France. Although this an be widely seen, its first origin is credited to France.

Women enjoyed to use these when they go to wet areas especially when they are walking in watery areas.

3. It is a French attitude to know the inventor of the things that they use daily (Well, this should be the right attitude of all people).

4. French people are the number one snail eaters in the world. They love eating this so they consume more than 500 million snails. Yet their body of water does not run out of snail.

5. France has the most numbered chateux in the world having established more than 40, 000 chateux scattered in the country.

6. Well, this might not be fun because it is obviously known, that France has the highest number of visitor in the world. This is because of the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower.

7. French is one of the top 10 countries having alcohol as part of the daily life. Wine and alcohol are very normal drinks instead of water. Of course, not all do it.

8. French is a home of Great Renaissance artists.