Artworks of Joachim du Bellay

Joachim du Belay is one of the members of La Pleiade in France. He is the most admirable poet among the French poets and before Victorian Era, he had already demonstrated his wit in writing sonnets and many type of poetry. He had written 31 sonnets, and some texts of which the La Défense et illustration de la langue française is one.

Les Antiquités de Rome is one of the most famous sonnets that the writer has ever written. He made up this story talking about Rome and and its treasures. That in those days, Rome was in its golden age and that they were superior in everything.

His wrote several books in French language and these books were translated by different people. These books include Die römischen Sonette, On the Death of Henry II, Epitaphs, Xenia, and the Testamentary Elegy: Companion to the Amores of Faustina, Latin Epigrams, and Elegies, Divers Jeux Rustiques, Œuvres poétiques, La Défense et illustration de la langue française, A critical edition of the circumstantial verse of Joachim Du Bellay, The Amores of Faustina, Latin Epigrams, and Elegies of Joachim du Bellay: The First English Translation, and so forth and so on.

Owing to his works, thousands of people are buying this book and are reading and enjoying it. This is how French Literary arts are spread and many people came to know about French Arts and Entertainment. Apart from that, French has become top in many ways in this age. So many people adore French history and many things has changed from the time France got their sovereignty.