Discover the Beauty of France

France is a wonderful nation filled with interesting culture and tradition. You can see a lot of beautiful tourist destinations especially castles, museums, and France’s pride which is the Eiffel Tower. Everyone would like to visit France when given the opportunity. What else can we discover in this wonderful country?

Usually, you cannot appreciate the beauty of a place during daytime, but it is a different story when the night comes and the city lights are turned on. It is the same with this country. Some people may not fully appreciateĀ  France at daytime. However, when evening comes and all you can see are the city lights, you will be amazed by the view of the city.

In fact, the Eiffel Tower is much more appreciated by tourists during night time. France has many regions and one of the most visited place is Brittany. It is a must-to-see place aside from that of the Eiffel Tower. Here, you can see a lot of tourist attractions that will captivate you such as the big old castle and many more. You can also see a lot of museums that shows the culture of France.

Aside from the big regions in France, you must also visit even the small villages in this country. You might think that there is not much interesting view in these places, however, see for yourself. These villages also contribute a lot in the travel and tourism of France. Here, you can see the Medieval architecture. In some part of France, you can also find it relaxing when you see the beautiful beaches and the ocean especially the sunset.